The Art of Setting the Perfect List Price

November 21, 2020

If you are planning to sell your home, you need to get ready. It is a long process that can tire you out. You don’t want to lose out on getting a great deal because you didn’t pay attention. One of the most important decisions a seller has to make is to SET THE LISTING […]


Buying a Property? Here Is How to Make the Best Offer

November 14, 2020

Finding a property that suits your needs and requirements is the first part of making a good deal. The most crucial activity comes next: making an offer. The right offer is the one that decides the amount of profit you can make and whether you will be able to purchase the property in the first […]


From Contract to Close in Easy and Simple Steps

November 7, 2020

In our past blogs, we have painstakingly covered the process of selling your home. From listing to marketing, pricing to negotiation, and staging and preparing your home, we have discussed many topics. Those blogs and ideas are convenient for sellers, buyers, and anybody who is generally going to invest in real estate. You can be […]


How To Maintain Cash Flow In Real Estate

October 24, 2020

The first thing that most people think of when talking about cash flow in real estate is to acquire a property capable of generating monthly rental income. But in reality, such properties, be it an apartment building, duplex, or a motel, require maintenance, which can cut a significant portion of your income. There are many […]


Should You Sell Your Investment Property

October 17, 2020

Are you thinking about selling your investment property? Well, it is not entirely a bad idea. Unlike what some real estate gurus would say, you can sell your rental properties if they can’t meet your exact needs. There are many cases why selling the investment property would be the sensible decision you can take. When […]


Steps To Take When You Inherit A Property

October 10, 2020

Inheritance, while seemingly adding assets to your name, is not always a pleasurable experience. You might be grieving the departed and have limited knowledge to deal with the legalities and financial consequences related to inheritance.  This can make the whole process more frustrating than it should be. There could be a lot of paperwork involved […]


Is This The Right Time To Buy Home As A First-Time Buyer?

October 3, 2020

As a first time home buyer, you must be overwhelmed with all the procedures, tasks, checklists, and requirements that you need to satisfy. Add to that the uncertainty of the market conditions this year, you might be quite confused with making any critical investment decisions. Stock markets are volatile and risky, and your savings account […]


How to Select a Good Real Estate Agent

August 1, 2020

Sellers are usually confused if they should hire a professional or an agent to assist them. It seems the obvious answer is yes since they are experts in their field. Yet, a lot of it depends on your budget, needs, and requirements. Several competent agents across the country have years of experience in selling homes. […]


The Right Time to Market Your Home

July 25, 2020

People keep saying that timing’s everything. And they are correct. Real estate, especially, is a game about timing and seasons. Like every other business, there are patterns, statistics, and real estate data, which can help sellers and buyers. It is up to you to choose to research, study, and apply those for your benefit. It […]


How to Create an Effective Listing

July 18, 2020

One of the first things you do when you want to sell your house is to list it. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? You take a picture, add some words, and put it on a website. Job done, now you wait for the results. But did you know there is such a thing as a […]