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Real estate can be a complicated business involving many variables and factors that could determine your overall success and profits. The scenarios are always subjected to change, and you cannot have a rigid real estate investment plan. Your strategies have to be flexible. You need to take control of what is controllable and find out […]

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Real estate is a volatile market with several factors affecting the overall rate of growth and opportunities. This cannot be put into perspective more efficiently than what the real estate industry is currently facing. With COVID 19 breaking out during an otherwise excellent season, real estate has been witnessing a significant drop in sales and new listings. […]

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Every house is unique and special. Even in apartments or identical units, there will be some differentiating factors that make it unique. It could be the décor, the color, the view, or simply the way the house is styled. If your product is so special and unique, shouldn’t the buyer also appreciate its uniqueness? Only […]

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"As A Realtor there are many challenges we work through on a daily basis, it was refreshing to work with LTD and their Team! Very knowledgeable and quick with any needed info or signings, which kept the whole process moving along smoothly and successfully, I look forward to working with them again on many more transactions!!”

- Machelle O.

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