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The first thing that most people think of when talking about cash flow in real estate is to acquire a property capable of generating monthly rental income. But in reality, such properties, be it an apartment building, duplex, or a motel, require maintenance, which can cut a significant portion of your income. There are many […]

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Are you thinking about selling your investment property? Well, it is not entirely a bad idea. Unlike what some real estate gurus would say, you can sell your rental properties if they can’t meet your exact needs. There are many cases why selling the investment property would be the sensible decision you can take. When […]

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Inheritance, while seemingly adding assets to your name, is not always a pleasurable experience. You might be grieving the departed and have limited knowledge to deal with the legalities and financial consequences related to inheritance.  This can make the whole process more frustrating than it should be. There could be a lot of paperwork involved […]

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"As A Realtor there are many challenges we work through on a daily basis, it was refreshing to work with LTD and their Team! Very knowledgeable and quick with any needed info or signings, which kept the whole process moving along smoothly and successfully, I look forward to working with them again on many more transactions!!”

- Machelle O.

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